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Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang: Do I Hold On or Let Go?

Dec 26 2021

Sadhviji’s Divine LIVE Satsang: Do I Hold On or Let Go?

Tonight’s Divine Satsang in the Satsang Room at Parmarth Niketan was a truly beautiful and intimate experience, with so many of our global family members, filled with so many evocative and beautiful questions, able to join us onsite and online to partake of Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati’s insights and inspiration.

Our first question came from a family member living abroad who wanted to know how we can tell whether it’s time to continue holding on – or, time to go? In response, Sadhviji suggests that Freedom has a lot to do with your decision. Watch and listen to hear more!

Then, a family member in the Room asked whether we should still pray to God and go to temple and do puja if we were told that God would not answer our prayers, or whether we should still go to Ganga if we knew that she would not wash away our troubles. Through the telling of a lovely story shared with her by her Guru, HH Param Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji – Muniji, we come to understand the answer!

Another family member in the Satsang Room inquired about the “New You” in the phrase “New Year, New You” that embodies our New Year’s Spiritual Retreat that starts tomorrow. Next, another in-house family member wonders how to keep our spiritual awakening awakened while we live our lives. And, another member wondered whether it was appropriate to journey a thousand kilometers to pray to God when that money could be spent to feed a hungry person or help house a homeless person. To all of these questions, Sadhviji offers truly helpful and useful guidance to help us to go deeper into our spiritual path.

Finally, a family member takes a moment to comment on our Hindu family’s desire to experience Sadhviji’s knowledge and revelations in their native tongue – which leads to a beautiful reminder that, as we are all One Family, we understand each other through our hearts, just as well as our ears!

Tune-in every night for Divine Satsang with Sadhviji from the Holy Banks of Mother Ganga! And, take some time to revisit previous sessions of Satsang by scrolling through the timeline on this page, where you’ll find so many amazing and precious Drops of Wisdom available right at your finger-tips!

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