Sadhviji’s Diwali Message 2023

Nov 11 2023

Sadhviji’s Diwali Message 2023

Sending our whole global family best wishes and much love at this sacred time of the Festival of Light! It is such a beautiful time of the year in India. It is a divine and wondrous time of celebration and reflection that is as deep, rich and multifaceted as the culture and heritage of India.

There are so many different meanings and reasons to celebrate. It’s the return of Bhagawan Rama home to Ayodhya after vanquishing the Demon King Ravana. It’s the worship of Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity. It’s the time where we celebrate the victory of light over darkness.

“But,” as Pujya Sadhviji reminds us, the big question is – how can the day AFTER Deepawali also be full of light? After the lamps burn out, what is the lamp that burns eternally?” In this beautiful video Sadhviji shares the different aspects and meanings of the holy Festival of Light and how we can take it into our hearts, minds and lives. She shares how we can relight our own inner light to see the divine truth of ourselves and each other.

At this time of such horror, tragedy and division may the power of goodness vanquish demonic energies across the world and may the presence of the Divine, the embodiment of integrity and righteousness return not only to Ayodhya but to all of our cities across the world.

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