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Sadhviji’s Message On World Vegan Day

Nov 01 2022

Sadhviji’s Message On World Vegan Day

Today is World Vegan Day! It’s such a beautiful opportunity to remember and celebrate our interconnectedness with all of Creation — the animal kingdom, Mother Nature & Mother Earth, and all our sisters and brothers across the world with whom we share this sacred and precious resource. Choosing to be vegan is a choice for consciousness — for bringing awareness of our Oneness with all of Creation into every minute and moment of our lives. Let us make a choice for non-violence, a choice for sustainable living, a choice for feeding the hungry, a choice for protection of our rainforests, our air and our water. That choice is to be vegan! And, of course, if you already happen to be an animal lover then the choice is easy of course!

Notice how cows, like all of our human and non-human family members, can get a bit feisty and can even be known to eat and run!!!

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