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Tips For Healthy Living

How to be healthy? How to live in vibrant and full wellness? This is what so many people are looking for these days. And understandably so, given how not-healthy so many people are. People everywhere ask me how do you stay so healthy? What do...

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Happy Mother Earth Day!

Happy Mother Earth Day! Let us celebrate the beauty and wonder of our planet while acknowledging the suffering She endures. Dry river beds, deforestation, and polluted water threaten Mother Earth's ability to sustain and nurture us. On this Earth Day, we must pledge to preserve...

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Waching What We Eat

We know that our food impacts our physical body. But it also impacts our spiritual, energetic body. When we eat dead animals, for example, it carries energy of death, fear, stress, oppression, and trauma into our energetic bodies. But even vegetarian food, if it is...

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