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Special Thanksgiving Webinar with Sadhviji

Nov 24 2022

Special Thanksgiving Webinar with Sadhviji

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, our sisters and brothers in the United States are celebrating this holiday, which gives us the exquisite opportunity to remember how much we have to be grateful for, an opportunity to re-anchor, and re-align ourselves in gratitude for the way that our cups runneth over. It’s also a day in which we have the beautiful opportunity to choose life and love, not only for ourselves and our family, but also for all of the turkeys! By choosing a vegetarian Thanksgiving, not only are you taking good care of your own physical body, mental peace and joyful heart, but you are also extending the blessing of life, care and friendship to the animal kingdom.

However, as beautiful as the holiday season is, it is also a time filled with great sadness, despair, and depression for far too many people who find themselves alone or in conflicted drama situation with family members.

I’m so glad to be joining together in community and love with our family via zoom, (and we are also live on Instagram) to come together in gratitude.

If you weren’t able to register in time to join us for the zoom, don’t worry. You can join the Instagram live and come in there or please just put your comments here, and, time to time our moderator will share your comments as well.

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