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The Highest Dharma

Dec 25 2021

The Highest Dharma

Many of us wonder: What is my Dharma? How do I find my Dharma? How do I live according to Dharma? How do I know what my Dharma is?

Today as our sisters and brothers of the Christian faith around the world are celebrating Christmas, a holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, we can see that living one’s dharma — whether you’re Jesus or Arjuna or Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. — is not always fun or glamorous. But living our dharma is our highest calling.

When knowing he would be killed, Jesus asked God to forgive those who betrayed him. He chose his dharma of being an embodiment of love, truth, non-violence and forgiveness..”Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”.

In this beautiful video, Sadhviji shares with us that the root of the word of Dharma, means ‘to hold together’. It is the glue in our lives that holds us together and protects us.

Learn how you can live the highest path of righteousness, through Ahimsa – non-violence – in thought, word and deed. If we are not living non-violence, then we are not living Dharma, not matter what we are doing in our lives.

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