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Perception vs. Reality

There is but one Truth. One, real, True, undeniable Truth. Our saints and sages tell us that Truth, and our scriptures document that Truth. Doesn't matter how we see it, or even if we see it, it's the Truth. So, even though we perceive how...

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Are We Broken?

In a word, No. We do not need to mend ourselves. As Sadhviji so beautifully shares, if we need to mend ourselves, it means we're broken. And, we are NOT broken - despite what we and so many others tell us. The challenge is that...

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How to Counteract Negativity

There's so much negativity in the world, primarily because there's so much fear in the world. Negativity is used as a defense mechanism so that we aren't disappointed and heartbroken when others are negative first. In this beautiful teaching, Sadhviji shares that the way...

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