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Morning Rituals to Empower Your Day

Nov 16 2022

Morning Rituals to Empower Your Day

According to Sadhviji, routine is really important. But it’s easy to get confused that if God is everything and everywhere, and if we are always One with Him – why are there certain times of day that are better or more auspicious to worship and pray? Why do anything at a certain time?

In this beautiful teaching, Sadhviji shares with us that it’s not that we need a routine for God, it’s that when we don’t have a routine and we sit to meditate, it’s a lot harder to connect. It takes a lot longer to still the mind and experience that oneness that we experience when we keep our practice consistent. We are, after all, creatures of habit, and the more we do something – and, the more regularly we do it – the more that something becomes a habit. And, our mind gets very unsettled when those habits are interrupted. But, when the practice is a powerful spiritual practice, it’s wonderful that the mind treats it like a habit!

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