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Happy Hindi Diwas!

आज हिन्दी दिवस पर मैं अपने आप को सौभाग्यशाली मानती हूँ कि मुझे हिंदी जानने,समझने,और बोलने का मौका मिला । मेरा जन्म अमेरिका में हुआ पर हिन्दी मुझे अपने दिल की भाषा लगती हैं। Today is #HindiDiwas the day celebrating the #Hindi language. It's such a...

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Where Can I Learn the Vedas?

The number of resources to learn Hinduism's most-treasured scriptures, the Vedas, is almost as vast as the cosmos. What started as an oral tradition so many thousands of years ago is now taught in classes and ashrams and satsang halls worldwide - and, you can...

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The Power of Mother Ganga

Who is the Goddess Ganga? Where does She exist? While we know that the sacred River Ganga flows from Gaumukh to Ganga Sagar, the power of Mother Ganga is invokable and available anywhere, wherever we are. In this sublime teaching, Sadhviji eloquently reminds us...

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